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Deliverable 3: State of the Art - Frequently Asked Questions
contains guidance on a range of issues which need to be addressed by local authorities facing the challenge of planning and implementing urban transport pricing schemes. The report was produced by the CUPID consortium after consultation with the 8 PRoGRESS cities in the initial stages of the project.
Deliverable 4: Evaluation Plan for urban transport schemes has been developed in partnership with PRoGRESS the cities. It will be refined and validated during the course of the PRoGRESS demonstration.
Deliverable 5: Synthesis Report provides a synthesis of the work undertaken in the PRoGRESS cities and reports on road user charging developments in EC and non-EC states. Updated September 2003.
Deliverable 10: Exploitation and Dissemination Report sets out the tools and activities being used by CUPID to disseminate the achievements of the CUPID Project and the PRoGRESS Demonstration Sites.
Workshop Papers
Position Papers on Social Equity in Transport Pricing were delivered at the CUPID-PROGRESS workshop in Trondheim in April 2001.
Position Papers on Legal and PR issues were delivered at the workshop in Helsinki in September 2001
Position Papers on the Implementation and Operation of road user charging schemes were delivered in Rome in April 2002
Papers from the PRoGRESS cities on the Modelling and Demonstration Results delivered in Copenhagen in October 2002
Papers on Trials, Consultation and the Trondheim Road Pricing Scheme were delivered at the workshop in Genoa in May 2003.
Press Releases
London sets the ball rolling on Congestion Charging in Europe



As CUPID progresses, we will publish some of the reports and papers produced by the project team.